Welcome to the Trulia API

Welcome Trulia Developers! Trulia is a real estate search engine that provides buyers with information about homes for sale, real estate trends and local market information.

Getting Started

We've made many tools available to developers. Follow the steps below to start building your first application:

About the Trulia API

The Trulia API allows you to add data about regional real estate listings and Trulia search trends to your application utilizing the following libraries from the Trulia API:

  • LocationInfo: Allows you to get the following geographical location information, including longitude and latitude for most locations, for use in other calls:

    • Neighborhoods in a City
    • Cities in a State
    • Counties in a State
    • List of all 50 States
    • Zip codes in a State


  • TruliaStats: Allows you to access the following statistics pertaining to Trulia traffic and for sale listing data on Trulia:

    • Avg. and median listing price of homes on Trulia
    • Avg. and median listing price of homes on Trulia by number of bedrooms
    • Number of listed homes on Trulia
    • Number of listed homes on Trulia by number of bedrooms
    • Percent of total Trulia traffic to locations of interest


Request Limit

We limit the number of requests so we can manage demand for the service to deliver the best performance. We are happy to increase this. If you'd like a higher call limit, please email us at developers@trulia.com.

  • Limit calls to 5,000 per day, per API key
  • Limit queries to 2 per second, per API key

Terms of Use

Trulia provides this API for non-commercial use, by applying and receiving an API Key you are agreeing to the Trulia API Terms of Use. In addition, all websites and applications that present data from the Trulia API must adhere to the Attribution Guidelines which includes among other things that you display a "Powered by Trulia.com" logo on your site or application. Please review the Attribution Guidelines to see all details.

About the Data in this API

The data available through the Trulia API is derived from aggregated data on real estate listings, trends and search activity available at Trulia.com. Although Trulia attempts to ensure the accuracy of the information it publishes, it does not represent, warrant or guarantee the accuracy of the data (more at Terms of Use). We will be adding more data into the API into the future, if there is something you'd like to see then let us know. While Trulia works hard to include as many homes for sale as possible, we are dependent on real estate professionals to provide this information (http://www.trulia.com/brokers/) consequently you may see differences in certain geographic regions between data that is derived from local MLSs and data from this API.