The Trulia API enables outside applications to make calls to acquire Trulia data. All calls are available to any developer through a standard Rest-based format.


  • LocationInfo: Allows you to get the following geographical location information, including longitude and latitude, for use in other calls:

    • Neighborhoods in a City
    • Cities in a State
    • Counties in a State
    • List of all 50 States
    • Zip codes in a State

  • TruliaStats: Allows you to access the following statistics pertaining to Trulia traffic and for sale listing data on Trulia:

    • Avg. and median listing price of homes on Trulia
    • Avg. and median listing price of homes on Trulia by number of bedrooms
    • Number of listed homes on Trulia
    • Number of listed homes on Trulia by number of bedrooms
    • Percent of total Trulia traffic to locations of interest

To find the valid function calls and parameters for each library, use the links on the right to bring up library documentation.

Request Format

  • Call request format: All API calls will have as their first two parameters library and function. For example, to call the function getAllCitiesInState from library LocationInfo you will begin your call with:

  • Authentication: All API calls need to include the authentication parameter "&apikey=" + key.
  • Date format: Dates are expected to be in the format YYYY-MM-DD.
  • Date ranges: Date ranges are limited to those for which Trulia has data. For traffic stats, the earliest possible date with meaningful information is 2006-06-01, and the latest is current within a week. For listing stats the earliest possible date has a weekEndingDate of 2006-11-10 and is current within a week. However, the earliest possible date for median listings price stats has a weekEndingDate of 2007-01-05.

Request Limit

If you think you need more, please request a higher call limit by emailing

  • Limit calls to 5,000 per day, per API key
  • Limit queries to 2 per second, per API key


  1. seaker8 years ago

    I need XSD for your Trulia property listing submission format. I don't see it published anywhere.

  2. Gabriele Rogers8 years ago

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    Her excellent record speaks for itself.

  3. chokka1237 years ago

    Can you please provide XSD file - API file.
    I need to Invoke it my application

  4. iyusuf7 years ago

    Can you provide your Schema (XSD) information available. I'm coding using Java and need XSD to map XML data to Java Objects.


  5. aditya7 years ago

    can you provide your XSD information please

  6. stoffina6 years ago

    a property located at 20 oxford landing, in weehawken, nj is listed on your site as recently being sold for $200, 000. However, the prior owners bought this property in 2008 for $1,213,875 (according to public tax records). Could this be correct? The prior owners losing 1 million...

  7. Rick5 years ago

    Hey could you provide your XSD info? <a href="">short sale agent</a>

  8. compu222224 years ago

    Hi, I am looking for documentation on how to get individual property information. I would appreciate your response.

  9. Nitin Vijay4 years ago

    How could I get All Property Listings with All Details in one Request ?

    Waiting for your Response.

  10. Jack Wright3 years ago

    You say that you offer neighborhood stats.. but I can't seem to figure out exactly what stats these include. And you please provide me with a list of the stats? Or point me in the right direction?

    Thanks, Jack

  11. html5rick3 years ago

    how do I get JSON?

  12. symsun.it3 years ago

    I always getting as "<h1>Gateway Timeout</h1>" can someone help?

  13. m0g13y2 years ago


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