Trulia API Application Gallery

To help get you thinking about what you can do with the Trulia API we've included some applications that have been built by developers. To include yours, drop us a line at

Home Valence

Using homeValence, you can view annually and quarterly home appreciation rates in the United States as well as compare average and median home prices by number of bedrooms

URL:    Developer: homeValence

Neighboroo lets you visually explore and search local trends across the nation, including real estate, demographics, environmental factors and lifestyles. The website uses colorful heat maps and a simple approach to make location research as easy as possible. Neighboroo has used Trulia API data to create a heat map that lets you easily see average listing price trends of any region.

URL:    Developer: Neighboroo

Are popular cities more expensive in MA? Are older folks paying more for houses in CA? Find out! With this application we've mashedup listing data and traffic trends on and stats from Census Data to let you see what relationships might exist.

URL:    Author: Roger & his Trulia entourage


TruDat is a simple to use Mashup that allows you to sort through the data supplied by to find the house you want. TruDat also incoporates a images from One special aspect in the User Interface design is the colum navigation control created by David Lindquist (ColumnNav). The column navigation control circles through the user interface hiding the information that is no longer needed.

URL:    Author: digital1

Inspired by Alexaholic, this application lets you compare the average listing prices of homes for sale on across any two cities or counties. Flip to the second tab and you can compare their search popularity.

URL:    Author: Erica and her Trulia team

Other Trulia Tools

More Trulia Tools will appear here and elsewhere in the future. You may also be interested in using these tools and other ways to work with Trulia:

  • TruliaMap. Put a free interactive map of your own listings on your own website and keep home buyers coming back.
  • Home Roll and Search Boxes. Add the ability to search from your own site with our free search boxes and include an up-to-date list of local properties with the Trulia Home Roll.
  • Promote your listings. Learn how to upload your listings to Trulia
  • Advertise on Trulia. Get in touch if you'd like to advertise on Trulia
  • Trulia Help Pages. Learn more about how to use Trulia